About Coupons

What is an online coupon?

Traditional coupons are pieces of paper or tickets that can be exchanged for a monetary discount or rebate when purchasing an object or service. Generally coupons are printed and issued by marketers to be used in retail stores as a part of sales promotions. Usually they are distributed through the mail, magazines and newspapers but internet coupons have become increasingly popular because there are no printing or postal costs associated with them.  In addition, shopping online is simply becoming more mainstream, striving to mimic if not compete with the off-line shopping experience in all areas.

Online coupons come in various forms:

Promotional Codes: these are textual codes (usually in numbers and letters) that a shopper inputs on the vendor's online order form during check-out. The promotional code calculates a new price and total prior to check-out.  Promotional codes may be specific to a certain product, or apply to the entire shopping spree, depending.

Special Order Forms/Links:  some vendors run time sensitive offers for particular products utilizing custom built order forms built specifically for that campaign.  In these cases, the discounted price is built in.  All you need to do is order though the form or link.

Printable Screen Images:  these are on-screen images (that actually look like a typical newspaper coupon) that a shopper may print from the web for use in an actual brick and mortar store.

Free Shipping Offers:  Another form online coupons take is not a discount on the actual product price, but free shipping offers.

Just like traditional coupons, most online coupons have start and expiration dates.  Promotional codes expire, special order forms are taken down, and printable screen coupons are removed.  It is best to use online coupons as soon as possible.

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Why should I use cdcoupons.com to find online coupons instead of searching for myself?

Anyone can find online coupons by surfing the web using specific keywords or phrases, but it takes time and patience to find one for a particular product or vendor.  Coupons are usually time sensitive, therefore, you are never guaranteed the one you want will be available at exactly the moment you decide to search for it.

cdcoupons.com takes away that burden by doing all of the internet browsing up front, and compiling active, valid coupons for hundreds of products and vendors in one place.  cdcoupons.com also has professional affiliate relationships with hundreds of vendors who offer 'special' coupons to affiliates only.  An affiliate must be approved by each vendor.  These coupons are of higher value to you, because they are generally rarer and more difficult to find.

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Are there any risks in using online coupons?

There are no more risks associated with online coupons than any other kind.  The main thing to watch out for is to be sure your discount is applied to your purchase before you check-out.  Usually you have but one chance to use the coupon for any particular order, so if you want the discount applied to your total price make sure it has been before submitting the order to the vendor. If your promotional code does not seem to work, it may be invalid or no longer available.  Do not assume any discount or free shipping offer was applied unless you see it reflected in your total.

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