About the Team

Our team is currently comprised of about 15 people. We are planning to double that in the next year, expanding by a few hundred stores. About half of us focus exclusively on making sure our deals and coupons are as fresh and powerful as they can be. The other half provides tools, management and marketing to make it as easy as possible for our deal hunters to do their jobs in the most effective manner. At times we have 2 to 5 dedicated web developers. We use the services of many part time consultants for many of our needs, such as graphics, design or accounting.

The best reward for many of us working countless hours would be to save you and many other people a few dollars on each of your purchases. So remember when you are about to purchase something online, come here first and check to find a coupon or a deal and then complete your purchase with the online store. Everyone will be happy you did, including you!

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